What’s wrong with this “Best Seller Water Level Controller Unit.”

Yesterday, while writing about water level controllers, I found an Amazon best-seller product. Which is a water level controller…

It’s not the product that I recommend in my blog post. It’s something else. Out of curiosity, I opened the product and checked what was special about this product.

The only thing I noticed is that it’s a little bit cheaper than the product I’m recommending and has fewer features.

The price difference is not huge…

It’s probably around 100 or 200rs, which is less than the product I recommend, but it doesn’t come with dry run protection.

I believe most buyers are price shoppers, or they are unaware of why dry run protection is important. So, I’m writing this email to share its importance.

Dry Run Protection:

This feature is available in some water level controllers (usually with 6-sensor models) designed to protect the motor from running when water is unavailable in the sump.

It’s a helpful feature to prevent the sump motor from getting damaged.

Sump motors are costly.

It costs around 7 to 9K per unit. If the sump motor is turned on when water is unavailable in the sump, then the sump motor will get damaged. 

If the motor gets damaged, you will have to face – no water till the motor is repaired; all the houses need to take water from the sump manually, cost of repairing motor, and your time is involved in dealing with all these things.

Is it worth saving ₹200? by buying a cheaper water level controller unit that doesn’t come with dry run protection?

It’s not worth it if you ask me.

Another advantage apart from protecting from running motor when there is no water is there in sump is… You will learn when the sump water is not there or when the water level is Low in the sump.


The water level controller doesn’t auto-pump water to the overhead tank when water is low. When you turn on the tap inside your house, and when water won’t come, you will understand water is not there in the sump.

That time, you can go and check the sump and take other necessary action.

I kept the sensor 1 or 2 feet higher from the motor level to stop auto water pumping to the overhead tank while having a little water in the sump.

When water is empty in the overhead tank, I can still turn on a motor in manual mode if required. This way, I can manually pump water even for a few days and I also get noticed water is low in my sump.

This is a very important feature that every busy person should need. Those who don’t often check the sump water level in their home will notice when water is low in the sump.

My suggestion is…

Never buy a Water level controller unit without Dry run protection just to save a little bit of money in the short run.

This my recommended water level controller unit.

Meanwhile, if you still have not built your sump, I highly recommend getting my sump construction guide.

I shared many hidden and useful things in this guide.

You must implement one more important point in your sump. Refer to 3.6.3 in the sump construction guide. This tip is helpful when water is low in your sump.

It can only be implemented while construction stage, not after construction. So please don’t buy if construction is already over.


Ok. Today my wife is preparing her own and new chicken biryani recipe. I need to leave for batting in few minutes. Hope it turn out good 😋

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