Before Renovating Old Village House read this

A few days back I went to our village house. I haven’t shared that house story yet.

Maybe this story could help someone who has an old house and wants to do Renovation work.

When my dad was about to retire, he decided to go and settle in his hometown. He got an old house after a property partition happened between both brothers.

The house he got is a pretty old house. So it didn’t have a sump, toilet, taps or basic home facilities.

My dad lived in Good Government quarters, which had good facilities.

Suddenly, he didn’t feel good about losing such basic facilities and living in an old house after retirement.

So, my dad decided to upgraded the house to add the necessary facilities.

At first, he planned only to add a sump and toilet to the house. After discussing with a contractor, he estimated it could cost around 3 lakh to do that task.

When work started, he decided to add new additions like granite flooring, making RCC mould instead of old village red roofing tiles, adding rooms, granite wall cladding on the house’s front side, upgrading the kitchen, adding windows, etc.

He made a lot of changes which he didn’t plan initially…

All this work is monitored and handled by my dad’s brother, not us. As my dad was still working then, his brother used to take care of all these tasks.

Only finance is provided by my dad.

Once all the work was done when my dad calculated his old house renovation cost… It came around 10 lakh!

It’s already late by that time.

After all the work, we realised we could have built a small modern house on that budget instead of renovating our old village house.

Damage is already done….

My dad doesn’t regret it. My mom does have… She still blames my dad for making such a decision.

After this experience, if anyone asks me about upgrading/renovating their old village house, I simply tell our story.

Some listen. Some ignore….

If you have such an old house in your village and are considering such a major renovation, remember this story and decide.

It’s always better to build a new house on that budget instead of doing a major renovation to an old village house.

That’s my personal experience.

That’s our village story experience.

We learned some different lessons about building two houses here in the city.

I count only these two house construction experiences, not the village one. As I wasn’t involved in that.

I shared all my learning inside my products.

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