Did they sell their new building for this Parking Mistake?

Near our house, one father built a house for their daughter.

They built that house taking extreme care.

They used all quality materials.

They take care of all the house-related quality checks.

There was no way it was built for sale.

All nearby users can see the efforts their family is putting into that building.

It was a premium building. They used only premium quality items in it.

Anytime I go outside, I must pass in front of the building as it is built on the right next to the main road.

I can see the building progress at least once weekly for sure.

During construction time, I noticed their parking mistake on the building. This time, I didn’t guide like how I guided to my father’s friend’s house.

I used to discuss that parking issue with my family and didn’t bother much.

Construction work got over…

The housewarming function also got over…

Now it’s time to park their car inside the parking space. I believe it was around 9 PM when they first time tried to park the car.


They immediately realised the parking mistake they had made in their building.

From that day onwards, they never parked cars inside their parking space.

How do I know?

If I go outside, I always need to go in front of their building. I can see where their vehicle is parked.

Forget about car…

They don’t even park their scooty in the parking area until nighttime.

Within a few months after entering their house, they announced the “BUILDING FOR SALE“.

When asked about the reason, they informed my wife we have two daughters, and in future, we need room for them after their marriage. The current duplex house is not going to be sufficient.



How could they forget that point while planning time? And now they suddenly remembered that room shortage thing?

That’s their statement version.

I believe they are selling after realising their parking issue.

I could be wrong…

But I strongly believe that’s their main motive for selling that house.

They cannot announce that reason publicly when they plan to sell the building. It will affect the sale price. So they are giving personal reason for sale.

The last time I heard, they sold that building for around 1.5 cr.

They are kind of officials…

Facing such a huge inconvenience daily is not something they are ready for…

I shared the images of the building parking mistake inside my guide. You can check the 5.2 section in the guide.

Don’t make such silly parking mistakes.

Learn what it is and how to prevent it from happening in your building here:



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