Yesterday we finished our front elevation painting work.

We waited a few months to stop raining.

It’s almost rained daily or day after day. So we couldn’t able to start painting work till now.

We only have front elevation painting work pending.

If rain comes, all 3 labourers don’t have any work.

Paint and Labour payments will be wasted… so we had no choice apart from waiting this long.

Somehow last few days, it’s not raining heavily. So we started little pending work again.

Today we had scheduled to do the painting work of our opposite house.

It’s a culture here…

If you do any construction work that affects any of the neighbour’s houses, then it’s your responsibility to do the repainting or fixing that issue.

Because of this… we had to paint the opposite house now.

Fortunately, we don’t have houses right next to our house, so we constructed our building easily without many more neighbour issues.

In fact, this is also one of the main reasons we constructed both buildings back to back.

Depending on the neighbour building owners, you may face issues while constructing your house.

If you don’t have any buildings… you’ll be luckier.

If they are good, you will be lucky.

If they are not… 

See, our opp house didn’t face many problems from us. The only problem I can see is…

Small droplets of front elevation paint fell on their gate and grill.

I initially told them that if something happened, I would fix those at the ending stage.

As per my word, we are painting their Gate and Grills.

Only small drops… nothing big, nothing serious. Still, it’s our responsibility to do that.

We did it.

If you have another building right next to your construction building, you may need to do the painting work, or your neighbours may start questioning you.

That’s all I wanted to share.