When my water level controller stops working

Today at 7:13 Am, I got a call from an unknown number.

As it’s early morning… I was still sleeping, so I didn’t receive the call.

I immediately got a WhatsApp text, which I didn’t notice.

Again, I got a call from another tenant. I saw that it was our tenant. I now received a call while I was on the bed.

On the other end, “Bro, water not coming…

This is the first time this guy has called me to inform me of a water issue in our building. I sensed it had something to do with a sensor, so I asked him to switch the motor on manually.

He agreed, and I guided him on how to switch on the motor manually. After spending a few minutes, he learned how to do that… and successfully switched on the motor.

I continued my sleep….

After breakfast, my dad and I checked what was wrong with our Water controller unit.

Initially, I suspected it had something to do with the sensors themselves, so I opened the sump sensors.

When I lifted those sensors, I noticed one sensor joint was a little different. My dad opened the tape…. and BAM. The sensor cable broke due to corrosion.

So we again joined the cable, and now we properly taped the joints as this joint is going inside the water.

We also cleaned those sensors and checked other joints as well. All other joints are good.

We switched ON the water level controller unit, which seems to be working now…

We need to see for few days. If the same issues arise, we may also need to check other things.

I guess this issue won’t repeat as we find the broken cable in the sensor.

Here is a thing you should keep in mind:

Anytime you do cable joints that go inside water, use waterproof tape and properly tape it.

If water enters inside those joints, the cable will get damaged and break the connection, and your water level controller will behave abnormally.

If you are going to install a water level controller unit yourself, then you can read my guide here:


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