Yesterday, I went to collect my housewarming photos from the photo studio.

I took my brother’s hard disk, thinking a pen drive wouldn’t be sufficient. After checking the photo’s size, it came to around 7 GB of photos.

The studio guy started copying my folder to our hard disk.

I saw the time remaining. It was showing 3 hours left! My jaw dropped seeing the time left to copy…

I waited some time to see if the time changed after a few seconds. Nope. It didn’t change.

So I had to wait 3 hours to collect photos.

After sitting for 20 minutes, I asked my brother on call can I leave now and come back later to collect harddisk?

Noo… Don’t do that. Stay there and take a hard disk with you. He replied.

I was uncomfortable leaving that, so I asked his opinion, and he replied No.

Now I have to wait 3 hours in the studio.

After seeing the delay, the studio owner offered his pen drive with my photos to take with me and informed me he would collect the pen drive at 9.30 pm today.

I said ok.

I immediately took the pen drive and started copying to my PC.

All those 7 GB were copied in 3 minutes on my PC.

Imagine 3 minutes vs 3 hours difference….

People don’t like to invest in proper tools, and they waste their time and money spending indirectly.

After copying to my desktop, our family members started seeing the Housewarming Photos.

All of us liked how well the photos came.

If we hadn’t hired a professional photographer, we wouldn’t have had this many good-quality Photos and so many photos.

The photos we take in our mobile don’t come as much quality compared to what pro photographers take. And that to inside house photos… No way.

Now we have a good memory to watch.

Suppose your budget permits, hire a professional Photographers for your housewarming function as well. It’s worth it.

Oh… one more thing.

Like that photographer, don’t avoid investing in better tools.

For your house construction, take some ideas from my mind. I shared everything I knew inside my products. If you take only one idea and strictly implement it, it will be worth all your investment.

P K Arun