Meter Reader Praising our Meter Box Setup

After taking the permanent connection a meter reader came to our new building to take readings.

I was there right next to him.

While he was taking the meter readings, he had to open the meter box and noticed our setup of the meter box.

He said, “Sir, nicely and properly done meter box setup.

Me “Ya… my dad is an electrical engineer itself”, so it’s his plan.

I’m not sure if all other houses have similar setup or not, but I do think it’s a must-have thing every house should have.

Relying on an electrical contractor to give such a setup idea is not good. After all, why should they give such an idea to make them work a little longer?

You shouldn’t expect such a thing from them.

A setup like ours will help you during repair and maintenance work inside the meter box. Not just that, it helps with safety features as well.

The proper setup starts right from the electrical pole itself.

I shared everything in the 5.16 section of the electrical work guide with images plus few other meter box things you should remember.

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