What You Can Learn from This Sump Filling Time Difference

Today, I noticed something interesting.

Today, the waterman left water on our line/house. Our sump got full and started overflowing at 12:08PM.

So my dad closed the valve. (We have an automated valve closing in our house. We once removed it, we didn’t put it back. I will talk about that in the Sump Automation Guide)

At 6 PM, our opposite house sump got full and started overflowing. Today, no one was there in their house, so I called our area water man to stop water in our line.

He also stopped it.

See the time difference between both houses.

It’s 6 hours difference…

I don’t know whether any power failure happens or not. As we use Inverter, so I didn’t notice.

Even if power failure happens, it won’t go for that long in our area.

It’s not just the 6 hours difference. Our sump is waayyy bigger than their sump.

It’s easily more than double their size.

Then what’s the reason Our’s sump got filled first than theirs?

It’s because of the things my Dad took care during the sump construction time.

Anytime water scarcity happens in our area, nearby neighbours do some pipeline inspections and some alteration work kind of exercise.

We haven’t done such things.

We do some experiments with tech and automation only inside our sump. Which has nothing to do with the water scarcity problem.

Even the waterman gives wrong advice. Listening to and following their instructions is very Dangerous. Atleast in my case.

When connecting to the sump, our waterman guided exactly opposite to my Dad’s setup process.

We ignored his and made the connection as per our knowledge… We never faced any issues.

People who have followed such advice suffer from water issues during security time.

One such good example is — Our opposite house & backside house.

When water scarcity happens, the house owner calls the waterman, and he collects some cash and gives some wrong advice to do alteration work.

They listen and do as he is informed by the waterman.

For a few days, he close all other valves and left water in full force to give good impression who did alteration listening to his advice.

After the given money is over, the owner faces the same issue again.

I have been seeing the same stuff for some time.

As far as I know, our opposite & backside house has already made two alterations to their pipeline to fix the water issue.

Still, I don’t see much improvement.

Because of following the wrong stuff… now they spend money and time fixing those issues as and when water scarcity happens.

I recommend you understand basic science before you start building a sump.

It has to be taken care during Sump construction time itself. Not after…

I have shared all the important tips & points you should remember while building a sump and taking water connection to your Sump in my Sump Construction Guide.

Follow all the instructions carefully to avoid water issues later.

If this is something you are interested you can learn more at the below link:



P S: I updated the member’s area after working 2 full days. Now, members can download all their guides in PDF format to their PC.

Now, you can read the guide offline as well. Much better user experience.

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