Gas pipeline work req’d or not?


We did it in our first building when we had only 4 houses.

In the second building, we had 9 houses, which means I should be spending a good amount of money in the second building.

I thought about it…

Is it worth implementing?

If I’m okay with implementing this concept, I need enough space to keep 9 houses * 2 cylinders per house = 18 cylinder space on the ground floor.

As of the current condition, I’m not interested in wasting that space to keep cylinders instead of having a good parking space.

Not just that…

Running individual pipes from the ground floor to each house is expensive, especially in my condition.

Currently, in my place, this piped gas service still has not yet come. I saw some areas where they implemented this stuff.

I’m sure it will also be available in our area in a few years.

When it comes, it will be a waste of our money to run individual gas pipelines to each house. Because they take only one pipe from ground floor and install gas meters in individual houses. So that time we don’t need to spend this much of money have this piped gas setup.

Safety is also something we need to think about.

After analysing all the pros and cons, I decided not to install a piped gas setup in my second building.

If your building has few houses, then you can consider this… There is nothing wrong with that.

If you have more houses, you may need to keep all the above points in mind.

– Arun

PS: Oh… parking. I have a special cooking for users who haven’t started construction work yet. Every new builder needs to remember this for a better parking experience.

It is a simple idea, but 60% of houses still make this mistake.

Keep watching your inbox…

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