It’s raining in Bangalore. Here is my tip today.

Collect rainwater and use it for construction work.

If your house construction work is happening during the rainy season and, if possible to collect rainwater, then collect it and use it for construction activity.

Almost all kinds of construction work require water, and in most cases, you need to buy water from a Tanker because the government doesn’t supply water for construction-related work. So you will be paying for tanker suppliers.

If your building permits collecting rainwater, collect and store it in the sump.

You can only collect rainwater if you have a plan to implement rainwater harvesting and outside plumbing work is done.

If the rainwater pipeline has already come to the ground floor and still final work is not done, then use some temporary solution to direct rainwater to the sump so you can use it for construction work till all construction work is done.

Even if it rains a few minutes a day, you can easily collect a few thousand liters which cost a few hundred rupees if you want to buy.

You can implement this tip only at the ending stage of construction. Even at the ending stage of the construction, you still need water!

I highly recommend everyone to implement Rainwater harvesting and save water.

Water is very precious. You will only know when you don’t have water.

By the way, I just implemented a temporary solution to collect rainwater and directed rainwater to the sump now :)