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I was quite busy with the homewarming function arrangement and went to my hometown, so I couldn’t send any emails.

As soon I returned home, I ordered 7 celing fans with remote online, which is required for our house.

This is a great time to shop for products online, as some sellers reduce product prices, and you will also get discounts from banks.

I recommend only a few items for you to buy online for your house.

This recommendation is based on the price I paid offline shops and comparing it with online listing prices. That too without considering any other discounted price.

If I knew what I know now… then I would buy these recommended products online instead of offline shops.

Recommended Products Category to Shop Online

  1. Celling Fan
  2. Lights bulbs
  3. CCTV system
  4. Water Level controller
  5. Instant Geyser
  6. Cat 6 Cable
  7. D-link Single Faceplate (NFP-0WHI11)
  8. D-Link Keystone Jack Cat 6
  9. CCTV Cables
  10. Taps
  11. Soap Trays
  12. Toilet Mirror
  13. Curtain brackets
  14. Europa locks
  15. TV
  16. Refrigerator
  17. Air Conditioner
  18. Washing Machine
  19. floor mats
  20. soap stand
  21. clothes hanger for wall
  22. Mass rack network cabinet

I Just recommended product categories instead of products here. You can choose products based on your interests.

All those links are Amazon India links. If you are a Flipkart fan, make sure to check the return policy before you order products.

These days, Flipkart doesn’t offer a good return policy.

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