The Problem with Smaller Name Board

Last night, my wife and daughter went for a walk here in Mysore after having food.

One thing I noticed here in this area is… Building standards in Mysore are somewhat different from those in Bangalore.

A lot of buildings don’t have front elevation itself. Maybe because they are little old buildings, I guess. But as I can see… these buildings are not that much old.


Another thing I noticed here is Building Name Boards.

All the house nameboards are small, like half feet in length and half feet in width.

I cannot even see the name on the name board.

This is the same in almost all the buildings I noticed when I went for a walk.

Moreover… in that small board, all the family and god history are covered. So, finding the building name and number is quite difficult.

Don’t make the same mistake in your building.

In Bangalore, the name board story is different.

Here, they use all the fancy stuff in the name board. The name won’t display properly even after having a bigger name board.

For example, glass, stainless steel board, brass board, etc.

Many more such boards are available in the market where letters on the board won’t display properly. Still, some users simply buy, thinking Costlier is a better feeling, or they think it gives instant status to them.

My personal preference is — Granite Name Board.

They look much better, and the letters look clearer than any other name board I observed.

I thought of writing a small report on the name board for All-Acess Pass members. Due to low internet connectivity, I cannot download images from my Google Photos, so I won’t be able to do that now.

Once I go back to Bangalore, I may do that. I added this plan to my Product ideas list.

The rest of the users chose the bigger name board, which displayed the building name well.

Other common mistakes most house owners make are shared inside my products:

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