This happened in our first building.

When it was time to implement the Inverter setup in our first building. Our electrical contractor said this was not included in the contract, so he didn’t do that work.

That was discussed while discussing the contract, but the contractor said not discussed.

So he didn’t do that work.

After all the building work, we hired another electrician to implement the Inverter setup.

This happned in 2018.

We paid around ₹850 for another electrician who made the inverter setup.

This is just for making connections. This doesn’t include any wiring work.

We already run extra wires but only connection is not done.

If wiring was not done, it could easily costed us ₹1,600+. Because wiring takes time in alteration work.

So ensure you properly discuss all the work scope with your contractor, or else you will pay extra charges later as we did it.

The irony is…

Most new owners don’t know what are all the things they need to discuss while discussing contract terms.

In my electrical work guide at 2.2 section, I mentioned a list of all the work scope that you need to discuss with your electrical contractor.

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