Today, I visited our relative’s house, Gruha Pravesh, which is near ours.

This is a reconstruction work.

Initially, they had the Ground floor and 1st floor.

The owner used to stay on the ground floor, and the 1st floor is for rent.

Now they felt the ground floor space was not sufficient, so they decided to do reconstruction work on top of the 2nd and 3rd floors with the duplex house.

Now owners are staying in 2nd and 3rd floor….

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to make such a mistake.

Because of a lack of proper planning during construction, the owner is now staying on the 2nd floor.

I told our relatives there itself. You are staying on the 2nd floor so it will be difficult to climb the stairs….

They replied, “Ya… true. Will see later.”

I don’t know what plan they have for the future…

Before starting construction, plan for future generations and then start construction, or you will spend money on alteration work, and you won’t be able to enjoy comfort (imagine staying on the 2nd floor).

This is their second time doing the gruha pravesh function, so the function is very simple.

Only neighbours and their parents are invited.

I went to their house to notice any new construction ideas or mistakes I could get to write some sales emails 🙂.

Due to guests roaming everywhere, I couldn’t observe properly… moreover, we didn’t stay there much time because none of our relatives were there.

So we visited the house, saw the house, gave gifts, and had food. Then we left.

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