Pump safety during construction time

Right from my home office room window, I can see one new building construction work is going…

I may get a few ideas I could share here while watching the construction spot.

The owner is an experienced guy. As far as I know, this is the 3rd or 4th house construction he is doing.

Today, I got one idea when I saw their labourers taking a submersible pump from the sump.

They were using submersible pumps for construction-related work.

So, they take their pump outside the sump and keep it inside their temporary shed after they finish the work.

That’s a good practice.

If you think nothing will happen and are left inside the sump without any safety, then the chances of theft can happen.

I saw one thief (I know them very well) taking one submersible pump right in front of my house in his shoulder covered by towel, a few months back.

Some poor building construction owner lost 9,000 rs worth of product just for his negligence…

If you use an open type motor, you can put some chains on it and tie them to any building pillars to secure the motor. Only if you are confident that no theft happens in your area, or it’s better to keep inside the shed.

Regarding theft, a few important things you should be aware of are shared inside my Electrical Work Guide at 5.33, 5.34, 5.28 & 5.61 points.

Especially 5.28 points you should strictly follow without ignoring if you want to minimize the risk of loss due to theft.

Which pretty commonly happens.

It happened at my dad’s friend’s house, the back of our house, during construction time. So this is common…

OK, My wife bought coffee now.

I will finish this email for now.

If you want to avoid losing to theft, then you can pay me a fraction of its cost and learn the skill to prevent theft:


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