Near our house, two new construction work is going on. I can clearly see those constructions from my building.

In that, one building owner is an EXPERIENCED house constructor. The reason is the new building he is constructing is his 3rd House.

He is not a professional builder.

He is just like us. All those buildings are owned by his family itself. In that one building, they recently sold for around 1.75cr. So they used that fund, bought a new site, and doing a new construction near our house.

I can see this experienced house builder also making the same common mistake as everyone when buying CEMENT.


I can see he is always buying cement from nearby Cement Traders. The local cement dealer delivers cement in Auto/Jeep whenever he orders cement.

This is the WRONG way of buying cement.

Sorry… Not the wrong way. At least, not the best way to buy cement if you need to get the best price on cement.

If he had followed my method of Ording Cement, which I explained in my Cement Pricing Secret book, he could have saved a lot.

Whenever I see an Auto crossing my building’s backside, I feel sorry for the building owner. For each bag he bought from a nearby cement shop, the owner lost a minimum of ₹5 - ₹40 per bag.

YES! Upto ₹40.

I paid ₹40 extra per bag nearby shop at the end of our house construction. Because I cannot buy 1 cement bag from my Secret cement supplier. So I had no other option apart from local dealers.

Don’t make such a mistake.

Here is a solution: