Complete List of House Construction Steps/Activity in India

Planning to construct House in India? if this is your first time then you might be interested in knowing House construction steps in India. Here in this post I and my Dad will be sharing all the house construction activity starting from purchasing of the site to finishing the construction of our house.

my first refund request

Yesterday at 11:20 PM, while working on my new guide, “Parking Horror”, in my new home office, I got a first refund request from a customer who bought my “All-Access Pass”. He is a customer who is staying in abroad. Here is what he sent in the mail:

Parking mistake…

Today, I was going on a bike to withdraw cash to give to our maid. I was watching houses while going… I don’t understand one thing. That thing I’m not going to reveal here. It’s precious and important, which is not worth revealing here. It’s reserved for our Paid members.

Home Office Room Setup Tip

The day before yesterday, my Home office room woodwork was over. The House is full of woodwork dust. Cleaning itself took one day. You should know the problem if you plan to do any woodwork after entering the House.

Before you buy an invitation card

Are you going to buy an Invitation card for your housewarming function? You don’t always need an Invitation card to invite… It depends on you. If you need an invitation card, then read this or else skip this. Ok.

Things you need to remember before visiting your Astrologer

This is in terms of fixing the housewarming date. When you are almost done with your construction work, you will start thinking about fixing a date for your housewarming function by visiting your Astrologer. Before visiting them, you must keep a few things in mind.

You will need this. Don’t sell…

When you are building your house, you will have a lot of steel rod pieces. Some may sell those rods when a scrap vehicle comes, thinking it won’t be required anymore. Don’t make such a mistake. You may need those steel rods till completion of your building construction work.

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