A few days back, I shared a pressure issue on 3rd floor problem. I thought that complaint got solved to some extent. 

Nope… I was wrong. 

When I met my 3rd-floor tenant Zyan, he complained about the same issue: “bro, sometimes water almost stops coming into the toilet, and I never faced such an issue with kitchen taps.”

After I heard that complaint again, I called our plumber to check the issue. He said he would come within 2 days. 

Meanwhile, I started exploring all the possible solutions on the Internet. I noted down a few reasons and discussed the same with our plumber. 

Our plumber also suggested a few possible reasons we could try to fix. 

We had a 1" CPVC Individual line to every house. For the 3rd floor, we decided to change to a 2" CPVC individual line.

After changing the pipeline work for the 3rd floor, we are confident that the pressure will increase significantly and asked our tenant to check and inform the status.

Bro.. same. No changes happened.

I’m utterly SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED listening to his response. 

I went with our plumber to check the status. When we checked ourselves, No changes are visible at all!!

He was RIGHT.

All our full one-day work gone waste. It’s already dark outside, so the plumber decided to continue the work next day.

The next day when they came, we decided to Remove the Concealed Valve. 

We also have to break the toilet wall tiles to remove the concealed valve. So it’s a lot of work, and finding the same tiles is also difficult. (I’m still searching even after 3 days).

But I was determined to fix the problem, so I permitted them to break the tiles to remove the concealed valve. 

The concealed Valve was Removed.

Tiles cutting to remove concealed valve



No changes at all.

I started getting UPSET. 

No matter what we tried until then, all our effort went waste. 

Finally, our plumbing contractor suggested - “Come, let’s try changing the toilet gun once.”

I was least interested in trying that solution. I said NO for few times. 

Our contractor didn’t stop; we tried all these things… let’s bring a new toilet gun and check. He forcefully took me to the shop. 

Our Plumber picked 2 toilet guns and changed the toilet gun.

To my SURPRISE… Water started coming in “FULLL FORCEEE,” and when we asked our Tenant, he said, “NOW IT DID.”

Did you know how much it cost us to replace the Toilet gun? ₹100

And for Pipeline Work? ₹40,000 😢

40000 to change 3rd floor pipeline

If we tried changing the Toilet gun first, we could have saved “₹40,000”.

This mistake will stay with me forever, I guess 😄

And by the way, the Problematic Toilet gun I was using was from WaterTec, which is replaced with some local toilet Gun. 

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