One important thing I recommend you to keep in mind is that until plastering work is over you don’t need more money.

The real picture starts during the finishing time of your building.

If in case you thought…

We still have plenty of money left and start spending on expensive things. Then you may end up with a problem during finishing time.


During construction time, you can easily manage one month with just 2 lakhs rupees.

But after plastering work is over… you can easily spend 2 lakhs per day 🙂

I hope you can understand the difference.

Never loosely spend money on expensive stuff, thinking you still have a lot of money left.

You may have to slow down the work if you rely on the salary to fund during the finishing time.

Because during finishing time it doesn’t take much time to do the work but costs too much.

So you may face the cashflow issue at the ending time.

If in case you are stuck at such a thing… What you can do is, postpone the interior work.

Interior work can be done however you want. It purely depends on your budget.

If you have a cashflow issue postpone interior work… and do it later.

You may need to do the wardrobe now or you will face issues in keeping your clothes.

So… Take a good decision on what you need to spend money on.

Most take huge loans to make beautiful houses and spend money on interior stuff and pay interest on the loan amount they took.

I am not a fan of this concept.

I don’t particularly appreciate losing money to please someone.

Take better decisions…

I suggest avoiding spending money on fancy stuff if you are short on cash at the end time.

Especially if you are going to take a bigger loan.

Always keep in mind…

It would help if you had enough cash reserve at the finishing time.

Or you may need to slow down the work to fund the construction work.

I shared my suggestion based on my own experience. The decision is left to you.

If you need to know how we spent money at the end of our construction, you can see that here.