Bhoomi Pooja for House Construction

If you have not yet started house construction work, you may be interested in knowing the bhoomi pooja process.

I will share details about bhoomi pooja for house construction in this guide.

Getting Bhoomi Pooja Date and Pooja Requirements:

First, you must contact your astrologer or priest to know the good date for bhoomi pooja.

Usually, they will give a few good dates to perform bhoomi pooja. If you plan to use the same priest to do bhoomi pooja, then you can ask them what is required to do the bhoomi pooja simultaneously.

If they tell you the list of requirements, I recommend you voice record it on your phone so you don’t forget them. You don’t need to bother recording if they give it in writing.

Usually, all those pooja requirements need to bring by the house owners itself.

If you are unclear about their requirements, ask them for clear info.

If you are unsure where to buy those requirements, ask them where you can buy those items. They will guide you to where you can get those items.

Most of those requirements will be available in the Grandhige store.

Each priest performs bhoomi pooja in a different style. So the requirements to perform bhoomi pooja will vary from priest to priest.

I’m going to share a list of requirements given by my priest to perform bhoomi pooja:

bhoomi pooja requirements
bhoomi pooja requirements given by our priest

Sl NoEnglish NamesKannada NamesQtyProduct on Amazon
1Turmeric Powder – GOPURAMArisina – GOPURAM150 gmView on Amazon
2Kumkum Powder – GOPURAMKumkum Powder – GOPURAM150 gmView on Amazon
3Incense SticksAgarbatti1 packView on Amazon
4CamphorKarpoora100 gmView on Amazon
5Betel LeavesVeelyadele1/2 kattuView on Amazon
6Areca NutAdike50 gmView on Amazon
7BananaBale Hannu2 kgView on Amazon
8Tied FlowersHoovu Kattiddu3 maaruView on Amazon
9FlowersBidi Hoovu1 kgView on Amazon
10Flower GarlandHoovina Hara1View on Amazon
11CoconutTenginakayi8View on Amazon
12Sonamasoori RiceSonamasoori Akki5 kgView on Amazon
13JaggeryBella1 kgView on Amazon
14NavadhanyaNavadhanya1View on Amazon
15LemonNimbe Hannu22View on Amazon
16Color LungiColor Panche2 (10 x 6)View on Amazon
17Red TowelRed Towel2View on Amazon
18Blouse pieceJacket Batte2View on Amazon
19Dry CoconutKobbari Batlu1 kgView on Amazon
20HoneyJenu Thuppa10 /-View on Amazon
21GheeThuppa10 /-View on Amazon
22Copper KalasaThamrada Chombu- big size2View on Amazon
23Sweet boxSweet box1 boxView on Amazon
24Dates, Rock Sugar, Almonds, Cashew, RaisinsKarjura, Kallu Sakkare, Badami, Godambi, Ona Drakshi200 gmView on Amazon
25MilkHalu1/2 ltrView on Amazon
26CurdMosaru1/2 ltrView on Amazon
27StonesKallu5View on Amazon
28WeaponsAyudhagaluView on Amazon
29PlatesThattegalu8View on Amazon
30Banana LeavesBale yele5View on Amazon
31Cow GanjalaCow Ganjala1 bottleView on Amazon
32DeepaDeepa2View on Amazon
33PillarthiPillarthi1View on Amazon
34Oilyenne1/2 ltrView on Amazon
35Cotton WicksDeepa Batti1 packView on Amazon
36Bermuda grassGarike21View on Amazon
37Turmeric-kumkum BowlArisina-Kumkum Battalu6View on Amazon
38Mango LeavesMavina yele4 kucchuView on Amazon
39Chatai MatsChaape2View on Amazon
40CoinsChillare Nanya50View on Amazon
41Wood PetalManegalu3View on Amazon
42Navaratna Stones For PoojaNavaratna Stones1View on Amazon
43Lime StoneSunna1View on Amazon

See, it varies from priest to priest. I just shared what our priest requested to bring during that day.

On that day, our priest performed the below pooja during bhoomi pooja:

  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Punya
  • Ayudha pooja
  • Dikpalakas pooja
  • Bhudevi pooja
  • Bhukanana pooja
  • Kalash Sthapana
list of poojas did on bhoomi pooja day

Again the above poojas could vary based on your priest. You can confirm what all the poojas he is going to perform during your bhoomi pooja.

You make sure to bring all the pooja requirements before the pooja date. On pooja day, you cannot able to bring those. You will be busy performing pooja activities.

Preparing Site:

our site before cleaning condition

Many users will doubt Whether to clean the site before performing pooja.

I recommend everyone to discuss with their priest once about this. Everyone has a different take on it.

In our case, what we did is…

We asked our building contractor to send one laborer to manually clean the site to perform pooja on our site.

Specially pooja performing place. Which is usually North East corner of your site.

In North East corner, the priest, you, and your family has to sit for a few hours to perform a pooja. Make sure the site is properly cleaned and leveled as much as possible.

And coming to all other areas…

Clean a little bit so the priest and you can walk easily on all the other places on your site.

In bhoomi pooja, there is a step to walk on the site to perform pooja so.

What if your site cannot able to clean by humans?

If your site cannot be cleaned by humans, then you need to use JCB to perform site cleaning and leveling task.

Please speak to your priest and get confirmation from him before proceeding.

If you are allowed to do so… then while site cleaning time itself, I recommend doing site leveling as well, or else later, you may need to perform the site leveling task again. It will cost more because of JCB’s minimum cost to use.

Ask your contractor whether site leveling needs to be done on your site. If yes, then ask him how to do that or ask him to present on site cleaning time so he can do the site leveling however he needs.

Other things required:

It would help if you kept a few things in mind while doing bhoomi pooja.

1) You must inform your building contractor to present on the bhoomi pooja day. Your building contractor will bring a few of the construction equipment to do pooja on that day.

2) You also need to arrange 5 construction stones like —  Size Stone or Concrete Blocks to perform bhoomi pooja. Your priest usually doesn’t inform you about this, so keep this in mind.

If you don’t have one, ask your contractor to arrange those.

He will collect from other construction sites.

3) Have one labour on that day. If you need to do some work, it will help.

4) Our priest informed us to dig one big hole in South West corner to place Kalasha.

5) Once the pooja is over, it is advised not to stop the construction work for at least 3 days. Including on pooja day.

6) After some time, you can take all the items you kept for pooja. If you need confirmation, you can ask your priest once.

7) It is believed that we need to keep the pooja performed stones carefully and use all those stones in our house. So make sure you safeguard those stones well.

8) We took those stones to our current house and bought them back when our laborer used them in our construction. We stand there till they use those stones.

How Much Does It Cost to Perform Bhoomi Pooja?

It depends on your priest.

In our case, the charges are…

Bhoomi Pooja date fixing charge: ₹200

Bhoomi Pooja charges: ₹3000

Pooja time Dhakshine: ₹220

Above charges went to our priest.

Pooja itmes cost: ₹2352

In our case, the Total Expenses to perform bhoomi pooja is ₹5,772.

If you want to know all the expenses we spent for our house construction, check out my house construction expenses here.

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