Today while having dinner right now… there was a discussion with our family, which is related to - naming neighbor’s newborn baby.

Which is a perfect topic for my current situation. So I’m sending another email today.

It’s just happened…

So the thing is… our neighbor asked our wife and my brother’s wife while walking yesterday to suggest some Good names for his newborn baby boy.

So both of them gave a few name suggestions as he requested.

Not just Name…

It must be OK with Numerology.

The Neighbour replied, ‘We are not just looking for a GOOD NAME only.’

The name should match Numerology as well. That’s why it’s getting difficult for us to find a good name.

As soon as I heard this talk, I laughed… LOL. 😀

I just told my readers about the numerology calculator a few minutes back. 

And now, I heard our neighbor is also trying to find a numerologically ok name for his son.

Isn’t it funny? 

I immediately told them you should have told him about my tool built for this task.

All of them laughed…

Seriously…?? They asked.


Today only, I sent an email regarding this tool.


Anyway, I never thought many of them took numerology so seriously.

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