Our rainy day issue

This incident happened in our first building. Our construction work is over. We also moved to our new building…

Everything is going well until the rainy season starts. 

When the rain started, we noticed some mistakes but didn’t take them seriously. 

As days passed, we repeatedly did the same problem-fixing task. We thought we could have used some of our brains at that moment.

If we properly think that time…  now we don’t need to bother fixing that rain issue every time it rains.

It’s not something we never implemented the whole concept in the full building. 

We implemented almost 80% of the cases… but didn’t take too much seriously and the problems it caused at that time. 

So there are a few places we missed at first, unknowingly the severity of the problem.

(If you are a member and wondering which spot it is, then the answer is —  In our building image, where I showed a red arrow spot on the house front side is where we missed at first)

That caused one problem. And one problem caused another problem. 

Later, after the construction work is over, it’s not easy to fix the task. 

So we were managing like that without an easy solution to fix. 

When we restarted our first building construction again, we fixed that issue permanently.

Now, we no longer have that issue. Everything is handled scientifically. 

All such learnings from personal experience are properly executed in the second building without missing. 

How could we make the same mistake again and again??

These are simply things. Only real house owners can understand.

If you stay in the rental building, know any issues you face. Note such issues so you can avoid those in your building. 

I avoided many such issues by doing similar things. The more problems you face in the rental property, the better the learning experience. 

The more rental property you stay, the better the knowledge you get. 

Suppose you want to know some of my learning and experience about house construction. All important stuff is shared inside the member’s area. 

You can find more about such personal experience by clicking on the below link:


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