Today is Saturday. It’s a vegetable shopping day for us.

What do I do?

I will be sleeping at that time.

ha ha…

Before I wake up, my brother and dad will usually go shopping. But I make sure I wake before they reach home 🙂


Why I’m sharing this vegetable shopping story today in an email?

Read it, you will understand.

We have many veg stalls near our house. But we don’t usually go and shop there because of the cost.

It’s too costly to shop from nearby shops than the place we discovered….

The government opened a new RMC yard near our house last year.

All the vegetables come first there before they are distributed to all other shops and vendors.

It’s where formers bring vegetables in bulk and sell them at wholesale prices.

Initially, we were not aware of that place…

Someone shared news about that place.

We went there once to shop. And now we always shop from that place.

It’s cheap, and we get fresh items.

There we can bring 2 big bags of vegetables for just ₹400.

If we wanted to buy the same quantity of vegetables from nearby shops, it would easily cost us ₹1500+.

That’s how much the price difference we can find there.

If we buy in bulk, we can even get it at a cheaper price.

To give context, once we bought a 10 to 15 Kg capicum bag for ₹140. We couldn’t consume that, so we stopped buying in bulk.

Most of them are not aware of this location.

Even hotel owners are not aware of it.

I see few hotel labourers buying bulk in local veg shops even today. If they knew that place, they could save a lot.

Same way…

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