Beautiful House, but forgot to take care Rainy day issue

This early morning, we decided to go to Shri Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore. One of the most famous temples here in Mysore.

Whenever we visit Mysore, my wife demands to go to this temple. Always.

This time, we went in the morning because a less crowded darshan happened soon.

After finishing, while returning from the city bus, my wife alerted me that it was the Mysore Zoo and Lokaranjan Aqua World Underwater Zoo.

Yesterday we were checking about Aqua World on our mobile.

Lots of reviews were there in Google Maps, so I have shown interest. If time and our energy permit, we thought we would visit.

Today we have enough time so I planned to visit the Aqua world as my daughter is also there and she could enjoy the place…

We went, the Ticket price was ₹200, which is quite pricey considering the entertainment we get inside. But I understand the business standpoint of view.

This a high maintenance job and requires a lot of resources to manage fish and aquariums. So, I didn’t really mind paying that fee.

My daughter Ruthvika enjoyed herself a lot inside. Especially in few open area fishes. She is not ready to move to a different place…

If we tried to move to different places, she brought us to this place again and again to watch the same place.

This Aqua World is a good place to visit with kids.

Finally, we enjoyed seeing my daughter play inside a lot. 🙂 This is a good form of entertainment any parents can get.

Ok… now, coming back to the house construction stuff.

When we were going to the bus stop from our house, there was a beautiful brand-new house. It’s near to our house itself.

While walking daily, we used to see this house. But we used to see this house at night time. But today we saw in the morning…

It’s really beautiful; they have done a lot of woodwork outside, and it looks good.

Do you know what I noticed this morning??

A big patchwork is right on the front side of the building. Even though they did plastering and painting work after the Patchwork, it’s still clearly visible.

Anyone who sees their house in the morning can easily notice this.

The reason for the Patchwork is what I shared in my guide — Rainy Days.

No matter how much you spend on Engineer or Interior, you will face issues if the basics aren’t taken care.

When you face an issue, it has to be fixed later.

It’s not a one-day problem. If owners do not fix those things, they have to face issues repeatedly. So when house owners realise that stuff later, they fix it with Patchwork.

If you want to take care of all such stuff during your construction time itself, Here I shared my guide on it:

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