How both of us listened wrongly and What you could learn from this

Yesterday, Me and my dad wanted to visit the hospital.

My dad and I thought the doctor informed us to come yesterday, so the day before yesterday night, we were getting ready…

While keeping all the documents inside my bag, I opened my discharge summary letter. They clearly mentioned in writing that I needed to visit after 4 Weeks instead of 14 days (which I thought).

I informed the same to my dad.

Due to this difference, I called our doctor before visiting the hospital to determine if I needed to visit after 4 weeks or 14 days.

They also shared it’s after 4 weeks. It’s not 14 days.

After learning this, we cancelled our visit yesterday. It immediately saved ₹1,000 and 1 day of our time and strain.

If we visited there also it would be a waste…

Thanks to the written communication. If it’s not written, we both would have made a mistake.

Imagine how both of us could wrongly hear after 14 days instead of after 4 weeks.

Similarly, keep all communication in writing and with proper proof to avoid such communication issues when doing your construction work.

Many such incidents come between you and your contractors, which could spoil your relationship.

In some cases, you may also lose peace and money, not just relationships. Which happened with our first building electrical contractor.

After facing such issues in constructing my first building, I adopted some changes while building our second building to prevent similar issues.

You know what?

This new system saved me from fighting/or having different opinions and losing money multiple times in the second building construction as well.

I shared all those real case studies inside my House Construction Tracking System.

I recommend you have a proper system to track all such communications between you and your contractors.

If you want to know what I did and the system that I adopted, I shared everything inside my House Construction Tracking System.

Please note: If you are uncomfortable in using mobile apps, this system is not for you.

If not, and If this is something you want to know and adopt yourself, then you can explore more information by clicking on the below link:

Just for a mere ₹1,000, you can avoid multiple issues you could face with your contractors if you learn and adopt the method I shared inside the guide.

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