DCM opted lucky room number in Vidhana Soudha

DCM opted lucky room number in Vidhana Soudha.


It’s raining outside, so I didn’t go for the night walk.

I just opened the Tv9 Kannada news channel on YouTube to see Rain and Political updates.

I usually don’t see news…

…but I recently started seeing headlines to see Congress party Freebie news updates.

While going through headlines, I just came across one video where D K Shivakumar (Karnataka DCM) Astrologer, informing media that he guided D K to take Room number 336 in Vidhana Soudha because it’s his Lucky number!

Imagine powerful political leaders taking numerology into their life!

D K Shivakumar is one of Karnataka’s most “Powerful” and “Wealthy” ministers.

If they are all following lucky numbers in their life… why shouldn’t we follow that as well?

At least if we got some % of his wealth, isn’t it worthy? 😃

Anyway, if you got convinced to use numerology for naming, you can use my bulk name numerology calculator to make your job easier.

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