Yesterday we gave our invitation card to the graphic shop near my house.

When I took the card, the staff guy in the shop immediately said No, we don’t do invitation card printing.

Still… I know the owner. I asked where is the owner. He replied he had not yet come.

Ok. I will keep the cards here. Once the owner comes, let me know, as I informed and left.

After some time, I returned to the shop to speak to the owner.

He also said the same… we don’t print invitation cards here. But one of my friends will do…

I asked how many days it would take. He told me within 3 days.

Ok, no problem.

Do that like I informed him, gave him the invitation card content, and left.

He never told me about the price yet.

The same day at 11.45 pm, I received the card content on whats app to verify. But I already slept by that time, so I checked the content in the morning.

It needs some minor correction… we spoke on the phone, and he made the correction and sent us the corrected copy again to verify.

All looks good.

We told him to print it.

He requested us 3 days to get it printed. I said ok…

I asked about the price. He told me it would cost ₹2,000.

After bargaining, I bought it for ₹1600 for 300 card printing.

We both agreed, and I sent him ₹1000 in advance for printing.

It’s getting printed…

Few things I learned. I could add some tips inside the member’s area in the future about invitation card lessons.

Will see.

If you have any housewarming invitation cards in your house, keep them with you.

You will need those cards for reference purposes later when you prepare yours.