I was wrong about Cauvery water (BWSSB)

In Bangalore, Cauvery water is charged based on usage basis. Usually, they fix some water meters and charge based on how many litres they consume.

Till now, I thought users who have a Cauvery water connection.

– they don’t face water shortage issue

– Owners don’t need to give bribes to waterman

– Water comes with sufficient water pressure

Currently, we have a municipal water supply in our area. Our setup differs from BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board).

After discussing with the pro builder, I learned a few things here.

In summary, they do face water shortage issues.

The Waterman’s job in BWSSB is to leave water weekly twice for 6 – 8 hours. In that time, if water comes even slowly, their job is done.

Their job is not to give full pressure water to all the houses or supply sufficient water to everyone.

And about the waterman, they give ₹300 bribe every month to the waterman just to keep the main valve open a little bit better.

If they don’t give money, they simply say water scarcity exists and don’t open the valve properly. Because of this, they don’t get sufficient water.

And regarding water pressure, It does not come in full pressure.

Pressure increases only if all the houses have closed their valve after filling their sumps.

If your house comes in a higher position in the area, then the chances of water issues will be more.

So, my assumption about the water supply by BWSSB is false, and they also have water supply issues.

Here, I’m only talking about the Bangalore water supply. This could be the same for your area water department as well.

I recommend you follow the best practices I shared in my sump construction guide to avoid water issues later.

I added a new update in section 2.3 b) regarding this.

Please visit if you have access.

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