My dad called me on the phone in a low tone, saying, “Arun, some major issue happened. Come Urgently to the second floor….”

**Before this call… **

Our carpenter came to install Soap Trays on the Toilet. My dad went with our carpenter.

I and my MOM were talking outside our first floor by sitting on a chair… As it’s not a major task, I didn’t go with my dad.

When I picked up my dad’s call… the only thing I got to my Mind was… “Oh no… carpenter damaged pipeline in the TOILET”.

I went slowly…

While going to the next floor, all I was thinking how come I bring the same Tiles, the cost to replace them, doing all the rework, arranging laborers, spending time, etc., I was kidda worried about all this.


As soon as I saw the spot… I was VERY HAPPY 😀 🕺. 

But my dad was worried a lot. 😟

I told him one thing… “DON’T Worry” It’s easy to FIX. You’re lucky… it’s not in the Toilet.

The Water leakage happened in the Bedroom and not in the Toilet. Which means we don’t need to worry about TILES. 🕺

We just need to cut the wall and replace the pipeline inside the wall. And wall drop also came in between, so I thought we needed to remove Waldrop as well… but when our Plumber came he informed US no need to remove Walldrop… we can replace pipe and started doing his work.

plumber removing pipe inside the wall

water leakage on the wall

wall drop nail damaged pipe

waterline damaged inside wall

waterline damaged inside wall

Within 1 Hr, he replaced the damaged Pipe; immediately called laborers to do plastering work, it took 30 min, and the next day informed Painter to do the finishing job.

Why did the Pipe get damaged?

This happned due to walldrop team

While installing the wall drop, they drilled the wall where our water line went… that time, all our Valves were OFF, so they didn’t notice Water. When we turned ON Valve, Water was all over the Wall.

It’s not their mistake. 

It was our mistake not informing them about the WATERLINE path. 

Anyway, I explained about tracking plumbing and electrical lines in my house construction tracking system – did you see why it’s required now? 

It’s easy to identify why it happened and where it went wrong… not just that. If you had been careful enough, you could have AVOIDED the issue. 

In my case, I failed to do that. 

In fact, I never expected this problem before. You can learn from my mistake and avoid it altogether.

To Remember, Identify, and Fix it before it even happens.