A few days back, I got a call from a CEO of a mobile app company.

Let’s call her “Dee.”

Arun… I’m Dee. Remember me?

Ya… tell Dee.

I made some mistakes and need your help fixing that problem.

What help?

I tried something on the server by seeing online guides, but now my company website is not working. I don’t even have a backup.

Can you fix it? You can CHARGE it.

After speaking some time with Dee… I gave her a suggestion to try another person as I don’t actively do that work anymore.

(I usually don’t prefer to do tasks that are not scalable.)

Coming to the mistake made by Dee…

If Dee had done only one step before trying such an attempt, it would have been saved from this issue.

It’s called backup.

Any server admin can easily know the importance of having a backup.

But Dee is not a professional and doesn’t know the importance of having a backup before trying something new, so Dee didn’t take a backup.

Now Dee is in trouble.

Similarly, while building your house, I recommend every house owner to follow my house construction tracking system.

Think of it like a backup.

You may don’t need it if all things go well…

But if something is not going well, my house construction tracking system could be a lifesaver.

This system emerged due to the few hard lessons we learned in our first house construction. If you don’t need to make the same mistakes as we did.

Checkout my house construction tracking system to have a backup yourself