Do you really need a Bigger House?

Yesterday, my wife was saying “No… we don’t want this much of Big House.”

She is not telling this yesterday… she has been repeating this statement for a few days.

We recently finished the housewarming function of our new house, and now we need to use our new house for at least 48 days for ourselves.

We already have another house right next to the same building, so this building is added extra now.

For me, it makes no difference.

But for my wife, it is making all the difference these days. The reason is “Cleaning” daily…

That, too, she had to do both buildings.

My brother’s wife is staying in her hometown. Now, my wife has been in charge of maintaining both buildings. (Only Inside house)

Now she realised the problem of having a bigger house.

My mom was telling me the same before we even started house construction. We ignored every request my mom used to tell us. Now we realise that point.

Our house could come to around 1600 sq feet. Not a duplex…

1600+1600=3,200 sq feet

Plus parking of both building 500+500=1,000 sq feet. On average, 4,200 Plus sq feet cleaning daily is not something easy.

For the time being, she is cleaning two buildings daily. Even for one building, cleaning and maintaining is not an easy thing.

My mom, sometimes even today, scold us for the same issue.

If you have not yet started your building, keep this point in mind. Do you need a bigger house? Think about the Maintenance point of view as well.

If you build a bigger house and don’t maintain it properly, it won’t make sense to have a bigger house.

I saw the same thing in one of my relative’s house.

They built a duplex house on a 30*40 site. They kept only the ground floor clean… not the Top floor.

From one point of view, we got lucky. We don’t need to climb and get down problems commonly seen in duplex buildings.

Our house is on a single floor. So No climbing issue…

Even if we need to visit a new building, we have a way in the backside to visit the new building—no need to use a staircase.

Whenever I see a bigger owner’s house, I laugh, thinking about maintenance.

Out of curiosity, I Googled Ambani house maintenance cost. The result showed Rs 2.5 crores per month.

Our may not come at that range but still there is cost and time involved in maintaining bigger house.

If you still not yet started your building, then checkout few articles I have written about Engineer by clicking on the below link.

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