I didn’t know about these rules.

The day before yesterday our relative came to our house.

While discussing, we informed how large honey bees are currently developing in our new building and how we hired a bee removal team to remove that.

That time they told… near their house some construction labourer killed one snake and how the neighbourer complained against those poor labouers even after all the neighbourer opposed her for complaining to police.

She didn’t listen to any of them and complained to the police station.

After that, the police kept those labourers in the police station for 3 days for doing such a thing.

Honestly, I wasn’t aware of such rules.

If you have such a wired neighbour, you may need to be careful in such situations.

Although I’m not encouraging anyone to kill any animal here… but still…

Is it worth complaining to the police station and all?


The next day…, a bee removal guy came to our house to remove a large honey bee that was developing in our new building.

After removing it, he also told the same story of how killing bees is not allowed today.

I’m really surprised listening to such rules.

I was not aware of them before meeting both of them.

I thought of sharing this so you will also know such rules.

Thankfully, a large honey bee is now easily removed from our new building.

First, I was worried about how we can remove that…

A quick online search helped me find a service provider offering a bee removal services.

I hired them immediately, and they did their job.

We are relieved now.