one cement bag gone?

Yesterday, after lunch, I was returning from our first house to the second house through the backside door.

I guess the time was around 3:30pm…

When I came to my home office, I noticed something strange near the house construction spot from my window.

Two guys came by scooty, and the building contractor put one cement bag on that scooty.

That time, the owner was not there…

They immediately took to some different locations.

I don’t think the building owner doing any other work elsewhere as well…

The two guys who came on the spot are also pretty new faces.

I didn’t understand what happened that time. I guess the building contractor just gave 1 cement bag to someone he knows.

I think my suspect is True. Because I know a few owners who worked with this contractor informed a similar story on this contractor.

One is my dad’s friend, and the other guy is my opposite house owner.

My dad friend once suspected on this contractor for cement bag count missing and light bulb lost case.

My opposite house owner still tells me this same contractor took their building materials to a different place when they were not there at their construction spot.

Based on these two stories and what I saw today, I believe something wrong happened.

The building owner is also a little careless as well. They don’t monitor work, materials, etc., so the chances of noticing this missing One Cement Bag is very rare.

Once they have experienced such success, they definitely do it again and again.

I noticed this incident accidentally yesterday. This building construction will go a minimum 1 year…

In that 1 year… think how many such incidents could happen.

I don’t know how many such contractors are there.

I can tell from my experience that my building contractor doesn’t even think of doing such things.

This theif contractor is a little cheaper than other contractors. At the ending stage of the building, he asks for more money and stops the work.

I will share about that incident tomorrow.

Hope you can learn something from this.

Choosing the right contractors is more important than choosing cheap contractors.

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