We are trying to finish our pending housework for doing gruha pravesh next month.

So we went to our regular hardware shop to bring plumbing fittings a few days back.

When we went, the owner was not available in the shop.

He went to his hometown for a function. Helpers showed a few plumbing fittings, but we didn’t finalise those products…

We asked when the owner would come. They told me they would come after 4 days…

We are in urgent.

So after speaking to the shop owner on call, they suggested visiting another shop if need more product options.

We also went to other shops based on their suggestion.

In that store also the same brand products are there for display…

After seeing all those plumbing fittings we asked how much discount you would offer.

They said -

Brand A 22%

Brand B 25%

As soon as I heard the discount I knew our regular shop guy offered more discount than this shop.

All we need to do is to wait till the owner comes.

Today the owner came so we again went to the shop. He suggested a few products, and we also finalised those products.

Now… here is how much discount he offered us without asking or bargaining.

Brand A 38%

Brand B, we didn’t ask, so I didn’t know how much discount he could have offered us.

He openly told me this discount is only for you, and I’m only making money on sales volume commission.

Why would you think a shop owner directly offering so much discount without us asking him?

I believe below are a few reasons -

  1. We never bought products from any other shops

  2. We never price-shopped products

  3. We are a good customer to him

  4. Always on-time payment every time

All these quality helps in getting those extra discount without even asking.

I remember one incident when I was writing this…

My dad’s friend bought some items. I don’t remember what that item now.

The shop owner charged a little higher price than he gave us for the same product.

The reason is…

  1. His son didn’t buy all the products in his shop. He always used to compare prices and buy products where he got cheaper

  2. He is not loyal to his store.

So he gave a normal discount to him than us.

Maybe you could save more by shopping in one shop if you remember those tips and have such local shop owner near you.

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