It’s 5:52 PM. I came from our Old house to a new house to write some content for my house construction blog.

While coming back, I noticed another house was almost ready. Now, labourers were preparing the Parking area.


I can see the same mistake from my house’s backside itself… the mistake made by countless new house owners without realising it.

Once all the work is done, and when they start using the house, they will realise the mistake.

The mistake could have been fixed if they had been aware of the consequences during construction.

I sometimes feel I’m maybe wrong. All others were right, seeing all new house owners doing the same thing.

But later I realised no I’m correct after noticing some experienced engineer’s houses didn’t make this mistake in their own houses.

I have seen two engineer’s houses. One engineer house is backside our house road. Another engineer is our Engineer house…

Our Backside house engineer has 3 houses in our area itself. 1 is for their own house, and the other 2 are for rental purposes.

I can see 2 buildings daily… another house parking area I haven’t seen.

On both 2 visible buildings, he followed what I explained in my guide, and he never made such silly mistakes like what new house users make.

Coming to our engineer house.

We visited his house because his office is in the same building where he stays. When I visited, I noticed the same…

He also didn’t make that mistake in his house.

The thing is…

He didn’t guide us to avoid that mistake while we were constructing. This is important.

We called him for a spot visit during foundation time, which is a paid visit. He could have alerted us at least…


He didn’t say anything about it…

He checked some steel and other technical stuff, collected his visiting charges, and left.

Maybe he kept that tip for another visit. Who knows.

We didn’t frequently call him for the spot visit because of the consultation charges we have to pay him every time he visits.

We only called him during some important stages. Not all the time.

Everything I wanted to share about this Parking mistake is shared in my Parking Horror guide.

If you want to explore that tip, click on the below link: