Few days back I got the below question from a Bulk name numerology calculator buyer.


Hi Arun,

I have a query regarding the numerology calculator.

    May I know what is the basis to arrive at the calculation?

    Is this calculation based on the traditional Vedic school of thought?  

I happened to check other calculations for numerology, for the same name I can see different results in your excel and elsewhere. For example, you can check the below link where they have provided the names along with the numerology.


Your tool is giving different numbers compared to what is shown in the above link. I am confused what to do and which one to follow. I am trying to find a good name to my home. Please help. It would be great if we can have a call.


This is a valid question by the buyer, which I failed to address on the sales page.

Initially, I developed a tool that uses the Chaldean numerology calculation system, a more popular, accurate, and widely used system for name numerology calculation.

Whatever the buyer pointed article is used Pythagoras system of numerology calculation.

That’s not a widely used system, so I didn’t bother to include that.

Now, Pythagoras numerology calculation system is also included.

If any of them are interested in using that system, now you can use it without any additional cost.

If you are unsure what system to use, I recommend everyone to go with the Chaldean system.

For our building, I used the Chaldean system itself.

Log in to the member’s area for the new Pythagoras calculation Excel sheet.

I also updated the sales page to avoid this confusion.

Visit Bulk Name Numerology Calculator if you want to use numerology while naming your house.

Which I recommend everyone to use.