This afternoon, some sound came.

Out of curiosity, I opened my CCTV visuals on my mobile. I noticed someone taking hallow blocks from next to our building construction spot.

I watched who the guy was… it was none other than the neighbour’s house.

They took only two blocks to make some sitting arrangements outside their house.

Interestingly, they have their own hallow block right next to their building. But they didn’t use their blocks…

Instead, they are taking from the opposite house construction site. 🤦‍♂️

They never took the owner’s permission, nor did they bother to inform them later.

The owner is constructing some temporary gowdan for keeping work-related materials.

As it is a temporary building, they don’t visit the site often.

Today, no work is going on the site… owner also doesn’t come. In between that time, this type of thing happens.

So… if you build a house, make sure to frequently visit at random time to your construction spot even when work is not going on.

This tip is even more important when electrical work occurs in your building.

That’s one of the favourite times thieves use their skills to profit from construction sites.

I shared some tips and best practices in my electrical work guide. Follow those tips without fail.