I tried guiding my Dad’s friend parking mistake

My dad’s friend started their house construction right behind our house.

It’s visible from our home. When I noticed the same parking issue they were making, I decided to guide them about this mistake.

Instead of going and telling them the problem, I informed my dad to visit and requested to inform them the consequences of the mistake they were making.

Both their son and uncle listened to my dad’s FREE advice.

Before making the required changes, they discussed them with their engineer.

I believe their engineer is New, and he doesn’t have real-life experience with the issue.

The engineer seemed unconvinced with our idea and said it wouldn’t be a problem. We don’t know what they discussed both.

The building owner’s son is an expert car driver.

He analysed the problem, and he also seemed 100% not convinced with our idea.

Possibly, to give respect to my dad’s words, they made changes. 35% they made changes, and 75% they left like that.

My dad again advised them it was still going to be a problem. You need to make even more changes.

This time, my dad didn’t force them…

He simply shared his opinion because he didn’t want to go against their son and engineer’s idea.

Now fast forward….

The house is ready, and they already occupied it. It’s almost more than 6 months.

When their son tried to park their brand-new car inside their parking space, he probably felt the pain. We didn’t ask anything about their parking experience.

If I’m not wrong…

He only parked their brand new car max 1 or 3 times inside their parking space.

That, too, only in the starting days.

Possibly, after experiencing the pain, he no longer parked their car inside their parking space.

It always stays outside. I feel bad seeing their brand-new car staying outside every day.

Because of the simple and silly parking area mistake, owner and their Tenants are now facing the parking issue.

I shared more details about the parking mistake and how you can avoid that mistake in your brand new building inside my Parking Horror guide.

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