Today a lot of our relatives came to our house. In those relatives, one guy is a pro builder.

They already own 3 buildings and a few resorts here in Bangalore. Each building has multiple units, and all those buildings are for rent.

Me and that guy have a casual chat on construction, gov’t work, bribe, water etc.,

He also went and checked all our building work, materials used in both buildings, cost and a few other related topics.

There is one thing he liked most is our internet setup in both buildings.

He asked how everything works, the cost of maintaining it etc.,

I told them it would cost me ₹700 monthly to have Internet.

He asked for each building?

No… no. I’m paying only ₹700 for all the houses and distributing to all the rental units.

“Don’t you face slow speed, signal issue?” he asked.

No, we don’t.

If you have the right internet plan and a proper setup, you don’t face such issues.

He immediately liked the concept.

Do you know what he told me?

He wants to implement this concept in their next building. They are planning to start next year…

I don’t know if they will or not. It needs some knowledge in doing the right kind of setup.

Even pro builders see, observe and learn new concepts from different people.

If you want to do the right setup like us… then check out my Internet Everywhere.

I shared everything we did in my building.

Do it the right way and enjoy a better browsing experience.

I will discuss a few more discussions we had tomorrow…