Site Cleaning Before Construction – Here the things you need to remember

When you planning to start your house construction work, you must do site cleaning before construction begins. You must remember a few things when doing site cleaning, which I will explain in this article. 

You should always clean your site before doing Bhoomi Pooja work. It helps in doing pooja work easily.

If you can’t do that, you must manually clean at least the Pooja doing area (North East Corner). 

If you clean only the Pooja area, you can ask your Building contractor to send a laborer to do the cleaning. It takes a few hours to clean. 

Are You Going to Clean Site
Before Bhoomi Pooja?

If you are fine with cleaning the full site before you do the Bhoomi pooja task, then it’s a good decision as it helps in all tasks. 

The first thing you need to do is ask your building contractor for a suitable place for the Shed and material storage area and ask him where and all places you need to clean the area and for what purposes.

Once you discuss this with your building contractor, he will suggest the appropriate locations to store materials near to construction spot.

After discussing with the contractor, you need to ask permission from all neighbor sites to use their site for construction activity. 

You can collect contact numbers by asking nearby house owners. They usually will have site owner contact numbers.

Once you get permission from the site owners, you must call/use JCB for site cleaning.

Before tuching other site I recommend taking photos and video of the location. If they complain later you can show the proof how it was before.

When JCB Comes…  

When JCB comes, here are the few things you need to do:

1) Clean all nearby areas (obviously by taking the site owner’s permission)

2) Clean your site and level your site land area (leveling helps in site marking)

3) If you need to make extra road arrangements for a bigger vehicle, easy movement. Do it now.

4) If any drainages are there, you may need to close those for vehicle movement. If that is the case, do it with JCB instead of the manual laborer to save time and money by arranging a pipe/alternative drainage path (ask your contractor).  

That’s it.

These are all the work you need to do when site cleaning before your house construction work starts.

I highly recommend you discuss with your building contractor properly to know if they need any special requirements to help in construction work.

Once you have done all this work, your site should be ready for construction.

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