A few days back in Karnataka, Lokayukta raided a few government officials. In this raid, one guy caught more coverage on the Karanataka news channels than any other government officials.

That is, a Lokayukta raid on K.R Puram Tahsildar “Ajith Rai”.

This tahsildar made illegal assets worth 500 cr!

Imagine how much bribe he might take while working?

Anyway, what caught my attention and why I’m sending this email is…

He is a big believer in Numerology.

All his 10+ vehicle registration numbers ended in 1368.

His 10+ mobile numbers ended in 1368.

His ATM passwords? They too ended in 1368.

His mobile password? Too ended in 1368.

In fact, Lokayukta police itself got shocked seeing those numbers everywhere.

If you count those numbers, you will get 18. If you bring it to a single digit, it will come to 9.

Ajith’s numerological lucky number is 9, so he started buying all his belongings on the same series of numbers.

Most media covered only those…

But there is another reason behind that number.

If you notice that number, you will see the number is increasing in order.

In Numerology, it is believed that if you take numbers like that, they will progress in their life.

While researching him, I noticed some of his social media account usernames ends in the 1368 series.

I don’t know whether Numerology helped him or not.

But I can see him as a very special case because the asset he made from his Gov’t job is not that ignorable.

While I was telling his story of numerology adoption, my dad asked me why he got caught?

I don’t know.

My guess is – “Karma.”

His karma hits back, I believe.

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