Company’s new way to deal with fraud

Last Saturday, my brother and I went to a battery shop to replace our dead car battery.

Usually, all battery shops take old batteries at discounted prices. So we took our old battery to replace it with a new battery.

The owner first asked us if we needed to recharge or if we wanted to buy a new battery?

We know recharging the battery is a temporary solution, so we went with replacing the battery itself.

They gave the battery.

We paid the battery price, and the seller went to register the battery warranty.

They usually write the date and put the battery shop owner’s signature or seal on the warranty card that comes inside the battery box.

That’s how warranty registration has been done till now.

That day, it didn’t happen like that.

Instead of writing it on paper…, the seller opened his mobile for warranty registration.

When enquired about it… seller told me now it’s all online. No more fraud warranty claims.

It’s good for the company and customers as well.

Companies don’t get fraud warranty claims. Customers don’t need to keep warranty paper.

Ya… I replied.

I received a warranty copy on WhatsApp from the company when the seller finished his warranty registration.

I’m teaching a similar concept inside my house construction tracking system.

It’s a digital way of maintaining all house construction-related documents in one place to protect you from contractor fraud.

It’s easy, convenient and helps protect you from most common frauds.

Forget maintaining everything in a notebook. Go digital and save yourself a headache later.

Instead of trying many different software and wasting time, try my proven way to keep all data in one place.

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