Today while our painter was doing their work, one of the painters accidentally fell inside our sump.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Only his leg got little hurt…  and he was in shock for some time.

He is completely inside the sump…

While falling inside the sump, he held the sump opening by his hand so he didn’t completely go inside the sump.

Immediately two other painters lifted him upside.

We are lucky our sump is not full.

Only half of the sump was filled with water, so he didn’t touch the water.

He went to a clinic, took the treatment, and rested in our building till evening.

See, not all labour will be like this.

Some labourers take advantage of such situations.

Like demanding an extra amount if they got hurt/seriously hurt or asking for treatment expenses etc.,

It happens.

It’s your responsibility to take care of workers. If they come to work by drinking alcohol, don’t allow such workers.

If something goes wrong and you are having bad luck, you will be in trouble.

So make sure to take care of them properly.

My dad was there watching painting work. The paint was over, so he went to the store to bring it. Before coming back, this incident happened.

Don’t be lazy. If something goes wrong, both will suffer.

Doing proper pooja with the right priest before starting your construction work could avoid such issues. (I will tell my own experience later on this topic)