Why rental property is not for everyone

My mom and Dad came runningly…started saying, “Someone is fighting… both of you guys, go and check.”

Me and Avi (my younger bro) both went. 

Avi found out which house it was. I also went to the same floor… but got shocked to see which house Fighting was going on.

**It’s in a Girl’s house. **

And, to my surprise, she stays alone. 

Dub.. dub… Boy hitting another guy and shouting.

Me… after continuously pressing the calling bell… they opened the door.

Suddenly one Guy came out with torn T-shirt.

Another guy also followed this guy and started shouting and beating this guy without allowing anyone to talk.

Torn t-shirt guy told me, sir see him, stop him… while I was talking to the other guy.. the torn t-shirt guy ran away outside in the same condition.

The guy lost almost a full t-shirt on the front side. Only the backside T-shirt is fine. Still, this guy ran in the same condition outside.

I felt really bad for this guy. My heart melted seeing the scene. 

Three of our neighbors seeing knowing something was wrong.

After the other guy ran.. this guy started scolding the girl in the Malayalam. 

**Now I asked what was wrong with our girl tenant. **

Girl… some misunderstanding, I will manage.

Suddenly, the guy came angrily and started telling me what had happened.

It seems like the guy beating the other guy is her boyfriend. He came from Kerala to meet her. But saw some other guy… and the fighting started.

After some negotiation done by girl friends for a few hours, both she & her boyfriend somewhat cool down and went to somewhere. (I guess maybe their hometown)

Are you planning to build Rental Units?

Anyway, if you are also planning to build a house for Rental purposes, ensure you are ready to deal with such issues. 

This is not the first time for us. 

Within a few years of renting our property, this became 3rd issue in the rental property we/I handled.

It’s not just happened to us. 

All neighbors who own rental units had some kind of issues with tenants. I have seen all these from my house, with my own eyes.

This is very common. 

If you dislike dealing with such issues, Please don’t build rental units. 

While my mom and my wife
worrying about those issues

I… happily ready to face this type of issue with a calm mind. 

Yesterday itself, I told my wife while walking after dinner I wish I could own some more rental buildings 😄 

And today, some big fight was going on in our rental unit.

My wife started scolding me, saying - ’enough about dreaming of more rental units.’ 

It’s enough for us. 

We don’t want to deal with more such problems.

Why more?

I didn’t understand why she hated money.

These rental units bring us almost ₹45,000+₹45,000 (building 1 + building 2) after expenses every month. 

For that money, I would be more than happy to deal with such tenant issues here and there. 

Are you?

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