One of our tenant’s DP switches was not working, so we asked him to bring a new switch to replace it.

He went to store and bought it immediately.

I asked him how much it cost. He replied ₹185.

Within 3 days, we also bought the same switch for ₹123—no bargain… nothing.

We bought only 6 switches, so definitely, it’s not bulk order pricing.

Then why the price is so big difference?

It’s because we are a regular customer of that store and our tenant is not.

Not just that.

He doesn’t have any clue regarding the switch price… He simply went and bought.

So shop owners sold him at a higher price than what he could have got it for.

Before buying, he went to two stores to check the price… but both stores told him almost the same price.

And he didn’t ask for a discount also (I guess). 

If he knew the price of the switch, I’m sure he could have got it cheaper.

He didn’t know about the product price and paid extra for this.

He bought only one product that’s ok for him. When building your house, you need to buy too many products. Every rupee counts when buying products.

Don’t be like that guy.

Knowing product prices before buying helps in saving money.

I have listed all the products we bought for our house construction with price details in an Excel sheet.

If this is something you are interested in:

Know their prices before buying, and save money »