If you want to know the size stone price, you are in the right place. I will share the Size Stone price per piece or per load in this article. 

When constructing our House in Bangalore, we bought size stones for our foundation work from different size stone suppliers in Bangalore. 

Usually, size stone is supplied per load bases and not per piece bases. So price usually depends on the vehicle they use for transportation. 

But when you ask the supplier, they usually tell you it will come around 510 size stones per load like that… Honestly, you cannot rely on supplier told count.

Size Stone Price Per Piece



Users who are asking google “size stone price per piece” type of questions. 

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So here is my answer:

My good material supplier said that per load in his vehicle, it will come around 510 size stones. So I’m considering what he told me to give the size stone price. Because we usually cannot count size stones on the spot, suppliers also don’t allow us to count as well. So you have to see the vehicle when it’s loaded and guess whether it’s worth the price. 

The above image shows 2 lorry load size stones around 510+510=1020 no of size stone Pieces.

For those 2 lorry load size stones, we paid ₹18,000 on 09th December 2020. So the price per stone comes around.


So it comes to around ₹17.65 per Size stone. This price includes all. There are no extra charges we paid apart from that.

Natural Construction Stone Price Per Load

This is another type of natural stone in unsize, unshape nature stone required for your house foundation… 

I think in English, Boulder Stone is what they called. In Kannada, we call it “Chakke” (hopefully). 

This is also not counted in pieces; it is also charged based on vehicle size. 

We bought this type of stone from the same vehicle. It cost us  - ₹4,500 per load

**Here are a few things you need to Remember while buying Size Stone: **

Here are a few things you need to Remember while buying Size Stone:

  1. I recommend everyone physically see the loaded vehicle and order size stone. Because there is no way to count stones before or after delivery. Suppliers don’t allow counting stones after unloading.

  2. Some suppliers don’t load vehicles properly. They load vehicles in such a way that users who stand on the ground and look at the vehicle appear to be fully filled. But in reality, it’s not—only they load on the side and not in the vehicle’s center. You can only notice if you watch from the TOP and not from the ground.

  3. Even if you ask for a loaded vehicle photo from the supplier, you don’t notice a half-filled vehicle.

How to Find the Size Stone Supplier Near Construction Building?

1) Ask your Building Contractors: They usually know the supplier’s contact numbers. If you ask them, they will give. Even if they don’t have them, they could ask another Building owner to collect supplier details. 

2) Ask nearby Constructing Building Owners: Don’t hesitate to ask for supplier details from other building owners. If you ask, they will help. 

3) Look in Msand, Jelly Vehicle Stops: Usually, in every area, there will be a place where Msand, jelly vehicles will be parked, go and ask there. 

4) Keep the number when they come: As soon as you start your construction work, most suppliers will come to your construction building and give their contact number and visiting card. Always keep to those in someplace. When you need some service, you can always look back. 

That’s all I wanted to share. 

If you have any tips, suggestions, or what price you bought - feel free to share them in the comment section below.