The day before yesterday, I had an appointment with our astrologer to fix the gruha pravesh date for our house.

The appointment is scheduled at 6:20PM.

I planned to leave our house at 5:35pm.

That day, Bangalore bandh was announced due to Cauvery issues. Only a few public transport are available.

So I decided to take our car to avoid inconvenience.

I sat inside the car and tried to start it… it didn’t start due to the battery being weak. After trying 3 times, I understood it was not going to start.

My next plan is to go with the bike.

But the problem is I have to go with 3 people. So, a bike is not an option here.

I opened up the Ola Cabs app and tried to book a cab. Luckily, one cab accepted and came to pick up us.

Everything went smoothly till we reached our destination.

After reaching, I asked the driver to check payment once. I always prefer an Ola money wallet. That day, I also selected Ola wallet.

After the driver checked the payment status, he informed me, sir, it’s showing Cash.


I tried to open my Ola app to double-check the payment status. The Ola app is also having some issues, and I couldn’t open the payment status page.

I can see the driver’s mobile showing Cash.

To pay cash, I don’t have cash. I never have a habit of taking or keeping cash with me. I always use UPI.

To send cash with UPI, my mobile network is also not available.

I asked my mom. Do you have cash…

My mom replied why should I bring cash when you are here. No, I don’t have.

Luckily, we have one relative who came with us. I asked him, do you have cash?

He replied yes and gave me cash, which I was required to pay the driver.

I paid, and he left.

While returning also same…

The Ola app not working for me to book a cab. No public transport is also available that day to use Auto or Bus to reach home.

Finally, I called my brother to book a cab. He booked it for us, and we reached home.

When our time is bad… all things stop working.

Similarly, everything may not go as planned with your contractors when building your house.

Make sure to have a backup system to protect yourself from mishaps with your contractor.

After facing issues with contractors in the first building, I started following the house construction tracking system to avoid having issues with contractors in the second building.

Did it help?

Yes, it did. I shared those cases inside the guide as well.

I recommend you to seriously follow the system I shared in that guide to avoid hassles later with contractors.

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