Things you need to remember before visiting your Astrologer

This is in terms of fixing the housewarming date.

When you are almost done with your construction work, you will start thinking about fixing a date for your housewarming function by visiting your Astrologer.

Before visiting them, you must keep a few things in mind.

Not just that. If you keep those things in mind, you will save money and time visiting your Astrologer’s office multiple times.

Some astrologers intentionally do this to get extra consultation charges.

I don’t know how much your astrologer charges for consultation fees. Our Astrologer charges ₹1202 just for fixing the date. If you visit again, they charge ₹601 for 1 question to get answered by them (20 minutes).

For going and coming, time and cost are extra.

To avoid paying excess and to avoid inconvenience caused by this. There are things you should keep in mind before you visit your Astrologer.

I shared those points in my Housewarming Function guide in 1.3 section. Visit the guide to learn more about it.

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