To give or not to give?

Yesterday I went to assist our relative in buying a laptop. While waiting for him, one incident happen.

I was waiting alone on the bus stop.

One guy came near me and asked, “do you know Kannada.” I replied, “yes.”

The guy started saying, “Sir, I was supposed to go xxxxx, but I lost money, and now I’m short of cash to get there. Can you please help me?

My Alert level started Increasing…

As soon as he started telling me “I lost,” I already knew it was a scam to collect money… and I paid once for a similar scam very long back.

I immediately started scolding that guy, and he immediately left the location without speaking anything.

If you ever encountered such guys asking for cash, don’t help them. It’s a modern-day begging scam.

And during your House construction time, laborers ask for cash help…

During your house construction time, some laborers will sometimes ask for cash and tell you that they will return soon.

But the fact is… They never bother to “RETURN” unless you follow up with them frequently. No matter how loyal that laborer is. Only a few promptly return.

If you are fine following up plenty of times, then go ahead and help them. If you don’t want to deal with that, clearly say “NO.”

You may feel bad saying NO at first, but believe me, it’s 100 times much better than facing the headache of recovering your money LATER.

If some emergency happens and you feel to give… then follow the below method.

Tell the laborer to ask the CONTRACTOR to permit me to give you the money.

When Contractor is telling you to give, you should say to the contractor clearly – “I will deduct in next week’s payment.

Only if he agreed, then only you should give or else tell SORRY.

By following this tip, you will safeguard your CASH and HEADACHE.

The only thing you need to do is while giving weekly payments to your contractor; you have to deduct any such extra PAYMENTS and provide the remaining amount.

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