Finally, we finished our housewarming function. It was a little stressful and sleepless job.

Not all things go as planned.

Something always goes wrong…

In our case, it was “cook.”

Imagine you invited around 200 people to the function and the cook phone was switched off on the function the previous day.

I couldn’t able to sleep because of this. 

He was not reachable… I called him every 1-hour gap for a full day, but still no use.

I waited till 11 Am on the function day. On function day also, he is unreachable and shows no sign of showing up.

That day night some of our guests are coming to our house so we need to arrange food for them. And now our cook is not showing up.

We called our plumber, who knew some contacts and took us to a cook who was 5 km away from our home.

Thankfully, this cook agreed to do it on the same day, and their team came.

We were lucky to get this alternative cook on the function day, or else we don’t know what could have happened on that day.

Our function finished successfully because of the alternative cook.

I will share some lessons I learned about the housewarming function inside my member’s area. I will start working on it soon. 

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